A simple Matrix moderation bot written in BASH.
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Join our Matrix

A simple Matrix moderation bot written in BASH.


  • Minimal dependencies (bash, curl & jq)

  • Firewall (Prevents new users from entering)

  • Invite system (Invite people to the rooms they tried to join and/or all the rooms.

  • Kick, Ban, Unban and Message Removal Functionality

  • Remove all messages from a user is coming soon TM


Add your directories in the sudo.sh file for logs and such. Add mods to your mod folder.

To run the bot, you will need to create 3 files. an example for each file is shown below:


BaseUrl=https://matrix-client.matrix.org # Full HS name (you can get it at https://hs.xyz/.well-known/matrix/server)
AccessToken=syt_asdfasdfasdfasdfasdasdf # Token for account (All Settings -> Help & About -> Access Token)
User=@mybot:matrix.org # (Username of the user)
CheckRoomIntervalSec=1 # (How often should sudobot check for new messages, keep it at 1 to avoid being rate limited)
InitCmd=mersek # what should be typed to wake up merseklo
!klmnopqrst:matrix.org=Description or name of the room
!abcdefghij:matrix.org=Description or name of another room

How can you use @ in a varname, bash doesn't support it right.

We do not use bash environment variables for the configuration file. Currently we are using BAAM. This might change in the future as BAAM might confuse many users and makes the code a bit more hard to read.


When these files are created, run merseklo, and the bot should go online. When the script starts, test it by typing sudo groups into the room its in. If you are in the mods folder, it should provide a list of permissions you have, for example:

@account:homeserver.tld : [Permissions Here]


  • Split up the code to make it easier to read
  • Make a module system


Ulfnic - Creating the base bot and helping us along the way

Slips - Helping with Documentation and Code

Cobra - Persuading ulfnic to release source code :)