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This is the official package manager for CurtainOS.

working: installing issues: dependencies that dont listen to their name, such as rust arent recognized not working: updating, deleting and any other features, no database


Runtime-requirements: wget, openssl (libressl was not tested) Build-requirements: cargo, rustc

Instructions: to install the package simply enter this command:

cargo install --path . --root /

It is strongly advised to install shifu into / instead of $HOME/.cargo (cargo`s default dir). In case you are building this on a non CurtainOS build, you are required to make a directory called /etc/shifu and put the provided config.toml into it.

Missing features

  • Use a database to store installed packages and "required by" for each package
  • Check if a -git and -bin exists and ask user which version they want to use
  • Add more functions next to install such as delete, update, update as {git, bin}