Backend for Arth Panel, a self-hostable minecraft server panel. Made with Node.
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  • Arth Panel is in beta and should not be used in production yet.
  • There are several issues with the docker image currently, and we recommend running quartz directly for now.

Documentation can be found here


Quartz is a backend for Arth Panel, a lightweight self-hosted Minecraft server panel. Quartz is made with Node and Express.

How to run without docker

  1. Grab the source code with git clone
  2. Install the packages with npm i
  3. Run with node run

How to configure

  • stores/settings.json is where you can modify settings.
  • stores/secrets.json is where you can enter your stripe key if you want payments enabled.

How to run with docker (Unsupported)

  1. Download the image from docker hub with the command sudo docker pull arthmc/quartz:latest
  2. Run the image with sudo docker run -p 4000:4000 arthmc/quartz:latest. To change the port, replace the first 4000 with the port number you want.


  • Arth Uses the curl command to download plugins and the convert command to downscale images. If you want these functionalities, you'll need to install those commands.


To run a dev server, follow the instructions in "how to run without docker"

Contributing Guidelines

  • Please format your code with Prettier VSCode extension or an alternative that achieves the same results.

Check out our frontend's progress

Why Arth Panel?

The main difference between an alternative like pufferpanel or pterodactyl is that it's meant to work in a way so that if an issue were to occur, you could easily just SSH into the machine and run the jar directly in a folder, so you know that your server's uptime is not dependant on a panel someone else made working flawlessly.

To-do list

Basic file data storage that stores details about servers.
Basic API that provides details about servers to frontend.
Ability to run Minecraft servers with specified versions and softwares
Basic communication with frontend for terminal
Consistent routes
Locking a customer's assets behing a password Protecting customer assets with end-to-end encryption