Quickly find Emoji for your clipboard
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Quickly find Emoji with Rofi! 😎



Available on the AUR: rofmoji

yay -S rofmoji


1. Bind rofmoji to a key! 🥳

bindsym $mod+i exec rofmoji

2. Type keywords to search for an Emoji

Emoji Modifiers are also available, Include one or more of the following in your query:

Skin tone

light, medium-light, medium, medium-dark, dark


man, woman, gender-neutral


red, curly, blonde, white, bald


  • 👱🏾♂ - medium-dark blond man
  • 👩🏿⚕ - dark woman doctor
  • 👨🏾🚒 - dark firefighter man
  • 👩🏻🦰 - light red woman
  • 🧑🏾 - gender-neutral dark adult
  • 🧙🏽 - witch medium
  • 👮♀ - police woman
  • 👨💻 - coder man
  • 👌 - ok hand
  • 🐸 - frog
  • 🤯 - exploding head


  • rofi
  • libnotify
  • wl-clipboard (optional, prioritized)
  • xclip (optional)


If you have a suggestion to improve rofmoji, such as Emoji keywords, please make a Pull Request.