Gruvbox - Sway, Waybar, Mako, Alacritty, NVim, Fish
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Arran adcaf5fafb Update kpmenu args 3 months ago
alacritty Update Alacritty URL launch mechanism 4 months ago
environment.d Edit env var for Electron apps, add Screenshot dir 7 months ago
mako Decrease mako padding 10 months ago
nvim Update Nvim Init, add GitGutter and FZF 7 months ago
private_fish Add Fish Git Add Patch alias 7 months ago
private_omf Fish permission fix 11 months ago
rofi Add Rofi Gruvbox config 11 months ago
sway Update kpmenu args 3 months ago
waybar Change Waybar font to Hasklig 7 months ago
wget Update wget history location 11 months ago