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My Dotfiles, there are many like them but these are mine.

alt text




$ chezmoi init

$ chezmoi init


For this configuration to be used across machines, templates are used to fill in user-specific information.

$ mkdir ~/.config/chezmoi
$ touch ~/.config/chezmoi/chezmoi.toml

Inside this toml file, fill in the listed fields.

    email = ""
    name = ""

    background_image = "~/Pictures/Wallpapers/1.png"

    white = "#ebdbb2"
    dark = "#1d2021"
    primary = "#fd472f"
    secondary = "#689d6a"
    hint = "#fabd2f"

# Simple rofi + wl-copy script to automatically copy fields
# listed below. (~/.config/sway/scripts/clips/
# <Name>: <Value>
# Entries must be seperated by a new line.
    data = """

Address: Land, Earth



Now apply the configuration to create your new dotfiles!

$ chezmoi apply

Software Used

  • Sway
  • Alacritty
  • Neovim / Vim
  • Waybar
  • Mako
  • Bash / Fish

Further Reading

Read more on the Guide