The minimalist, fast and private way to share contact information.
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QCard is a beautifully simple way to share contact information, here's why you should care:

  • 🎈 Super light-weight, coming in at only ~25 Kilobytes!
  • 📖 Requires no backend, doesn't store data and runs 100% client-side.
  • 💚 Waste free alternative to Business Cards.

You can find the source code on Codeberg.

Try it

Fill in any information you want and try it out at

What is a "QCard"?

Essentially a wrapper around the standardised VCard format, But designed for maximum portability.

Let's break it down in bash:

# A QCard URL

# Create a helper to parse the QCard Url,
# This grabs the contents of the `v` parameter and base64 decodes it.
# ---
# 1. echo in the QCard Url.
# 2. grep the `v` parameter and contents.
# 3. cut the first 3 characters.
# 4. base64 decode the result.
$ function qcard() { echo "$@" | grep --only-matching v=.*$ | cut --characters 3- | base64 --decode;}

# Run the helper
$ qcard $SAMPLE

# You can save the contents to a file to import somewhere
$ qcard $SAMPLE > contact.vcf

Sample QCard

I want to make QCards programatically

Cool, here are some examples - Feel free to add your own!




If your device gets hit by a stray cosmic ray and the application breaks.. please create an Issue.