A simple terminal character selector
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A simple bash script to make copying frequently used special characters to your clipboard easy.

It uses a plain-text file known as a “charfile” to define easy to reach shortcuts to special characters


  • Run make install as root to install
  • Run make uninstall as root to remove. Will not delete your personal charfiles
  • Run make purge as a normal user to remove charsel files from your home directory


  • Bash
  • Linux
  • Xclip
  • A terminal with UTF-8 encoding enabled


For argument usage, use charsel -h

Once you have started the program, simply type the shortcut listed on the left side of the table to copy the character on the right side of the table to your clipboard. Shortcodes the same length as the longest one will automatically be entered. To quit, type ‘;’ as a shortcode

Some of the default charfiles have hidden shortcuts for capital letters that are not shown on the table. Simply type a capital version of the shortcut key to access the capital version of the special character.

Creating a charfile

Make a new file in the ~/.local/share/charsel/charfiles/ or /usr/share/charsel/charfiles/ directories with the name that you would like to use to call the charfile in the command.

Fill it in, using the provided examples as a template. Hidden shortcuts go above the ‘-', lines can be commented out using a ‘#’ at the start of the line. ‘;’ cannot be used as a shortcode, as that is used to quit the program


Charfile is GNU GPLv3 licensed, see COPYING for more information

Charfile is written by Armaan Bhojwani, Email