Ansible role that configures swap file and hibernation on Ubuntu 18.04
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Swap and hibernation

This role configures swap file (not partition) on Ubuntu/Debian hosts. Additionally, it sets up hibernation (suspend to disk).


Presently, this role cannot handle hosts with swap partitions, only swap files. Future work: modify this role so it can handle swap partitions too.

For example,

$ swapon --show
/dev/dm-2 partition 980M   0B   -2

For extra points, tweak this role to only disable and recreate if the existing swap size is different to requested swap_size (e.g., check using swapon --show or free -m). Because at the moment, this role is rather aggressive and always destroys any existing swap size irrespective of whether it's of the desired size, before creating a new swap file.


Does the kernel support hibernation? /sys/power/state needs to contain disk. It does:

$ cat /sys/power/state
freeze mem disk

Also check the contents of /sys/power/disk, it should not say disabled.

$ cat /sys/power/disk
[platform] shutdown reboot suspend test_resume

It works!

No frills, no locked screen on wake, etc. But it works! Looking forward to massive electricity savings.

To hibernate, sudo systemctl hibernate.

Press any key to wake up.