Ansible role that installs R itself, R packages (from CRAN, archived and remote repos) and associated tools.
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# # R changelog
R_version: 4.0.5
R_directory: /opt/R
install_R: false
update_R: false
update_packages_R: false
reinstall_packages_R: false
hugo_version: 0.87.0
CRAN_repo: ""
# don't use .libPaths() in this role - it may not contain the expected paths,
# especially during major upgrades
# use the following RLIBS_* variables instead
# aka .libPaths()[1]
RLIBS_USER: "{{ ansible_env.HOME }}/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/{{ R_version }}"
# aka .libPaths()[2]
RLIBS_SYSTEM: "{{ R_directory }}/{{ R_version }}/lib/R/library"
# keep renv local cache on the shared NFS drive BAY
RENV_PATHS_ROOT: "{{ bay_root_path }}/taha/local/share/renv"