Ansible role that installs R itself, R packages (from CRAN, archived and remote repos) and associated tools.
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Ansible role that builds and installs R from source, installs R packages (from CRAN, archived and remote repos) as well as associated tools.

This role installs R and all its associated tools inside a single location on the filesystem, /opt/R/, (in contrast to R installed from Debian repos, which installs components all over the filesystem).

The Debian way of installing R is usually just fine, but presents a problem if you want to share the R installation across other computers (such as virtual machines on the same host, or even remote hosts). By centralising the R installation, this role greatly simplifies such setups.

Hard-coded R version

Note that the R version (and Hugo version) is hard-coded in defaults/main.yml.

Stop TinyTeX from auto-updating TeXLive

This role sets options(tinytex.install_packages = FALSE) to stop TinyTeX from auto-updating R packages.

Notes on dependencies

See the README on dependencies.