My fork from dwm 🥰
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Anas Elgarhy's dwm

My fork from dwm 🍴, with a lot of beautiful patches 🥰

dwm screenshot dwm and 2 alacritty dwm and alacritty dwm and alacritty and cmus and cava

Applayed patches:


Keys Function
modkey + shift + d Open dmenu (launcher)
modkey + shift + ctrl + d Open rofi launcher (small size)
modkey + enter Launche the main terminal (alacritty by default)
modkey + t -> a Launche the alacritty terminal
modkey + t -> k Launche the kitty terminal
modkey + shift + f -> g Launche the GUI file manger (pcmanfm by default)
modkey + shift + f -> f Launche rofi file file browser (small size)
modkey + shift + f -> t Launche the terminal file manger (ranger) in the main terminal
modkey + w -> g Launche google chrome browser
modkey + w -> t Launche tor browser
modkey + c -> d Launche discord
modkey + c -> o Launche obsidian
modkey + a -> j Launche jetbrains-toolbox
modkey + a -> n Launche NeoVim in the main terminal
modkey + a -> v Launche Vim in the main terminal
modkey + a -> e Launche emacs
modkey + p -> b Launche the background manger (nitrogen by default)
modkey + p -> n Lanuche the network manager (nm-connection-editor)
modkey + e Launche rofi emoji selector
modkey + f Toggle full screen mode
modkey + b Toggle the status bar (hide/show)
modkey + j Change the focus to privus window in the stack
modkey + k Change the focus to the next window in the stack
modkey + i Change the stack layout to virtecal
modkey + d Change the stack layout to horizontal
modkey + h Decrease the focus window size
modkey + l Increase the focus window size
modkey + Tab Toggle between the curent tag and the privus tag
modkey + shift + j Move the focus window down in the stack
modkey + shift + k Move the focus window up in the stack
modkey + q -> q Quit from the focus window (kill it)
modkey + s -> t Use the tile layout
modkey + s -> f Use the float layout
modkey + s -> m Use the monocle layout
modkey + s -> g Use the grid layout
modkey + s -> r Use the spial layout (part from fibonacci layouts)
modkey + s -> d Use the dwindle layout (part from fibonacci layouts)
modkey + s -> c Use the centerd master layout
modkey + s -> x Use the centerd floating master layout
modkey + s -> s Toggle between current layout and tile layout
modkey + shift + s Toggle sticky mode
modkey + alt + f Toggle floating window
modkey + m -> c Launche the cmus player
modkey + m -> v Launche vlc video player
modkey + 0 View all tags
modkey + shift + 0 Mirror the current tag in all tags
modkey + comma (,) -
modkey + period (.) -
modkey + shift + comma (,) -
modkey + shift + period (.) -
modkey + (1..9) Navigate between tags
modkey + shift + (1..9) Move the focus window to specific tag
modkey + control + (1..9) -
modkey + shift + ctrl + (1..9) Mirror the current tag in specific tag
superkey + space Change the keyboard layout (ar, en)
PrtSc Take a screenshot using default screenshot tool (spectacle)
modkey + shift + x Lock the screen (using betterlockscreen)
modkey + shift + alt + q Kill dwm

modkey = win key or super key

Dependencies (apps)

  • google-chrome-stable the main web browser
  • alacritty the main terminal
  • spectacle the main screenshot tool
  • pcmanfm the GUI file manger
  • rofi
  • dmenu
  • libxinerama-dev**
  • tmux*
  • tor-browser
  • discord
  • libxft-bgra for color emojies support
  • jetbrains-toolbox
  • nvim*
  • vim*
  • xbacklight for control in the screen brightness
  • pamixer for control in the audio level
  • playerctl for control in the media
  • pactl for control in the mic
  • betterlockscreen for lock screen
  • setxkbmap for switch between keyboard layouts, like (ar, en)
  • slstatus the status bar
  • network-manager-applet
  • picom compositor , for transparency
  • nitrogen for set the wallpaper
  • copyq clipboard manager
  • obsidian

**: build dependencie.


  • Manual:
    1. Run this command to install all avilable dependencies in standerd arch repostory
    sudo pacman -S google-chrome libxft-bgra rofi dmenu tmux tor-browser discord neovim jetbrains-toolbox vim pamixer playerctl betterlockscreen pcmanfm spectacle alacritty picom nitrogen libxinerama network-manager-applet copyq obsidian
    1. Install yay if you not installed it.
    2. Run this command to install all avilable dependencies in the AUR repostory yay -S xkblayout
    3. Clone this repostory git clone
    4. Go to the source directory cd dwm-anas/src
    5. Build and install sudo make install clean
    6. Enjoy 😉

Available in

GitHub GitLab BitBucket Codeberg