A Discord integration for CMUS player useing java
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A Discord Rich Presence for cmus player

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  • Require jdk-17 or higher
  • Require cmus



  • From aur: yay -S cmus-rpc
  • Manual:
    • Make sure you installed wget
    • Run this command
       curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Anas-Elgarhy/cmus-rpc/master/scripts/install.sh | sudo bash



  • Manual:

    • Run this command
        curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Anas-Elgarhy/cmus-rpc/master/scripts/uninstall.sh | sudo bash
  • Requirements for development:

    • jdk-17 or higher
    • Maven
    • IntelliJ IDEA (not required but recommended)


Option Description Values
-h or --help Show the help -
-v or --version Show the version -
-d or --debug Debug mode -
-l or --link Linking with cmus (close the program if cmus is not running) -
-c or --config Set custom path to config file Path to config file .json
-i or --interval Set interval between checks interval time (seconds)
-s or --sleep Set sleep when there is no activity sleep time (seconds)
-p1f or --partOneFormat Set the format for the first part Format for first part
-p2f or --partTowFormat Set the format for the second part Format for second part


cmus-rpc -p1f %title%
cmus-rpc -p1f "%artist% - %title%" -p2f "%album% - %date%"
cmus-rpc -p1f "Anas listening to %title%" -p2f "From %artist%"

How to do auto run when you start the cmus

  • Put the following line in your shellrc file e.g. .bashrc or .zshrc
    alias cmus = 'cmus-rpc --link &>/dev/null & cmus'

Available in

GitHub GitLab BitBucket Codeberg


Quality gate


License MIT