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My GitHub stats
  • I'm currently learning IT in the EELU university 😁
  • But I'm learning to programming Since I was 13 years old 😄
  • I'm very very very in love with programming 🖤
  • And I'm love cats very much too 😍
  • I'm very very very in love with linux 🐧🤍
  • I'm very very very in love with Open Source 💙💙💙

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Typing SVG

"I have complete faith that one line of code can change the world n_n"

My Skills and Interests:

my distro C C++ Go Java HTML5 Python Kotlin Lua Markdown Shell script Alacritty Vim GIT GitHub TMUX IntelliJ Rust Android

My life in a code

    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
        Google.serch("How to do fix " + me.getCode().getProplem())

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Connect with me:

my email: Twitter handel: @anas_elgarhy My linkedin profile My instagram handel: @anas_elgarhy