The simple java console audio player 🔉🎵🎧
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Before the stable release:

  • Create the system to save the play list in the playlist.json .
  • Create the playlist's manager.
  • Create the cache system to save the last playlist opened and the last location in the file browser and the last sound volume.
  • Create the search engine to search for a song in the playlist and the file browser.
  • Handle the exceptions.
  • Create the UML diagram.
  • Create the documentation.
  • Add the TUI.
  • Add the cli arguments.
  • Read the ID3 tags.

After the stable release:

  • Support the .mp3 audio format.
  • Support the .flac audio format.
  • Support the .ogg audio format.
  • Support play audio from video files like .mp4, .mkv.
  • Create the arch package.
  • Create the debian package.