The simple java console audio player 🔉🎵🎧
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About: jap is a simple audio player using Java for Linux and windows and macOS

It supports the following audio formats

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • Monkey's Audio
  • Speex


File browser:

Controller Function
+ Add to current playlist
- Remove from current playlist
> Go to Directory
< Back
q Quit to the player

PlayLists manager:

Controller Function
> Enter to playlist editor
* Select PlayList
load load play list
new create new playlist
del Delete playlist
q Quit

Playlist editor:

Controller Function
+ Add track/s to playlist
- Remove track/s from playlist
rename Rename playlist
q Quit


Controller Function
p Play
s Stop
re Resume
pa Pause
n Next
pr Previous
loop Loop
loop1 loop current track once
lp Loop Playlist
sh Shuffle playlist
m Mute
vl Show volume level
v: Set volume
v+ Volume up
v- Volume down
open Open file browser
playlists Open playlists manager


Controller Function
exit Exit from program
: Search
License: MIT