Anas Elgarhy anas-elgarhy

My dotfiles 🤓🧑🏻‍💻

Updated 4 days ago


Updated 5 days ago


Updated 5 days ago

A simple java wrapper library for alquran-cloud api 🤍

Updated 1 week ago

My fork from dwm 🥰

Updated 2 weeks ago

A Discord Rich Presence for cmus player using rust 🦀💙

Updated 3 weeks ago

A Discord integration for CMUS player useing java

Updated 2 months ago

The simple java console audio player 🔉🎵🎧

Updated 2 months ago

A library that helps you to print colored and styled text in the Java console 🖌🖌🖌️

Updated 2 months ago

A Simple dos attack program implementation using java 😉

Updated 3 months ago