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# Nostr Market
Buy and sell products, services and jobs for Bitcoin. (
Simple webpage that fetches and displays Nostr posts with the hashtag #nostrmarket.
Currently uses's RSS (feeds_rss.js) or API (feeds_api.js) to fetch posts.
- RSS:
- API:
Preview it here:
To install, just download the zip and extract it to your web host. Change the hashtag in feeds_api.js if you want to display other data.
## Publish a listing
Write a post with the hashtag #nostrmarket and one of these tags #selling #buying #service #job using your regular Nostr client and your listing will display on the webpage.
## Order a listing
Click on the listing to message the seller with your regular Nostr client.
Nostr Market does not process payments. Contact the seller to pay them directly with Bitcoin.
## Possible improvements
- Make a UI that is more similar to Ebay, Etsy, etc.
- [Done] Add regex to scrape price (listed in BTC or sats)
- Add a product form for easier formatting and search, e.g.:
- Type: Selling
- Title: Thinkpad T480
- Description: Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad T480 in excellent condition.
- Photo:
- Price: 0.015 BTC
- Location: United States (worldwide shipping)
- Use a CLI client to fetch #nostrmarket posts (to reduce API load)
- Cache posts (for speed and reduced API load)
- Convert photos to thumbnails on the backend or via an API (to use less mobile data)
## A more complex system...
- A more complex system could use different post types:
- Instead of a profile, you have a store
- Instead of posts, you have products
- Instead of comments, you have reviews
- Instead of private messages, you have orders
- Payments could be implemented via Zaps
- Each marketplace has its own channel/tag that users can subscribe to
- Either public or invite-only (e.g. for local marketplaces)
- Implementation of a Lightning Escrow
- Possibly with a marketplace of mediators, like
- Autofulfill for digital products
- Example: Receive a download link for an e-book or a gift card code, as soon as your Zap is detected
- Client ideas
- An ecommerce frontend like WooCommerce for online stores
- A simple classifieds frontend like Craigslist for one-time sales
- Possibly a Gofundme/Kickstarter frontend where donations are Zaps
I probably won't start to work on this anytime soon, so feel free to take this concept and build something with it.
## Credits
- Global search:
- NIP-19 hex to note conversion:
- XML to JSON conversion:
## License
This code is in the public domain. Feel free to use it for your own projects.