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#!/usr/bin/env janet
(import ./jddclient/detect :as detect)
(import spork/argparse)
(import sh)
(def- help-text
'--ip interface,<interface-name>' obtains IP address from a network interface
'--ip web' fetches IP address from the internet
'--protocol afraid,update-token' updates a domain name on
(defn- send-mail
[email subject content]
(sh/$ mail -s ,subject ,email < ,content))
(defn- update-on-interval
[ip-addr num-errors data]
(let [{:ip-addr-func ipf :update-func updatef
:email email :interval intv :verbose verbose} data
new-ip-addr (ipf)]
(if (= ip-addr new-ip-addr)
(os/sleep intv)
(update-on-interval ip-addr 0 data))
(let [{:success success :response resp}
(updatef verbose new-ip-addr)]
(when (not success)
(if-not verbose (print "(Error) " resp))
(send-mail email "jddclient failure" resp)
(when (<= 5 (inc num-errors))
(send-mail email "jddclient failure"
"Quitting after failing 5 times consecutively.")
(print "Quitting after failing 5 times consecutively.")
(os/exit 1)))
(os/sleep intv)
(if success
(update-on-interval new-ip-addr 0 data)
(update-on-interval ip-addr (inc num-errors) data)))))))
(defn main [& args]
(when-let [{"ip" ip "protocol" proto "email" email "interval" interval-s
"verbose" verbose}
(argparse/argparse help-text
{:kind :option
:help "Report errrors to this email address"
:required true}
"ip" {:kind :option
:help "IP address detection method"
:required true}
"protocol" {:kind :option
:help "dyndns protocol"
:required true}
{:kind :option
:help "number of seconds between updates"
:default "300"}
"verbose" {:kind :flag
:help "Verbose output"
:default false})]
(let [ip-addr-func (detect/ip-addr-func ip)
update-func (detect/update-func proto)
interval (scan-number interval-s)]
(when (nil? ip-addr-func)
(print (string ip " is not a supported ip address detection method."))
(os/exit 1))
(when (nil? update-func)
(print (string proto " is not a correct protocol."))
(os/exit 1))
(when (nil? interval)
(print (string interval-s " is not a correct interval number."))
(os/exit 1))
(update-on-interval nil 0
{:ip-addr-func ip-addr-func :update-func update-func
:email email :interval interval :verbose verbose}))))