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#!/usr/bin/env janet
# kakoune: filetype=janet
(import sh)
(import spork/argparse)
(def- description
Usage: buku-fzf [options] [bookmark-number1 bookmark-number2 ...]
Choose buku bookmarks on fzf. Open them in web browsers of your choice.
If buku-fzf is given one or more numbers, the numbers are interpreted as
buku bookmarks to open, and bookmarks are opened without launching fzf.
To select multiple bookmarks in fzf, press tab or shift+tab.
buku-fzf does exact match on fzf. To do fuzzy match, use a search term
with a prefixed single quote such as 'search-term instead of search-term.
If the value of --browser or --browser-tag contains
spaces, surround the values of the options in double quotes.
For example, buku-fzf -b "firefox --new-tab"
--browser-tag associates a certain buku bookmark tag with a certain
browser command. --browser-tag can be specified multiple times in order
to define multiple tags associated with different web browsers.
For example,
if you execute buku-fzf -b firefox -t "torbrowser,torbrowser --allow-remote",
any bookmark with torbrowser tag is opened with
torbrowser --allow-remote bookmark-url
Note that browser commands currently don't support quotes for simplicity.
Thus, buku-fzf -b "firefox --option1 \"abc abc\"" doesn't work.
Example commands:
buku-fzf -b "firefox --new-tab"
buku-fzf -b firefox -t "torbrowser,torbrowser --allow-remote"
buku-fzf -b firefox -t chromium,chromium -t brave,brave-bin
buku-fzf -b firefox -t chromium,chromium -t "brave browser,brave-bin"
(defn- parse-opts
(when-let [{"browser" browser "browser-tag" browser-tags "query" query
"bind" bind "prompt" prmpt "tiebreak" tiebreak :default bookmarks}
"browser" {:kind :option
:required true
:help "Format: \"browser command\""
:short "b"}
"browser-tag" {:kind :accumulate
"Format: \"browser tag,browser command\""
:short "t"}
"query" {:kind :option
:help "This option is passed to fzf"
:short "q"}
"bind" {:kind :accumulate
:help "This option is passed to fzf"
:short "B"}
"prompt" {:kind :option
:help "fzf prompt"
:short "p"}
"tiebreak" {:kind :option
:help "This option is passed to fzf"
:short "T"}
:default {:kind :accumulate})]
(let [tag-word '(some (if-not (+ "," " ") 1))
tag ~(* ,tag-word (any (* " " ,tag-word)))
arg '(some (if-not " " 1))
cmd ~(* ',arg (any (* (some " ") ',arg)))]
{"browser" (peg/match cmd browser)
(when browser-tags
(->> browser-tags
(map |(if-let [browser-tag (peg/match ~(* ',tag "," (group ,cmd))
(error (string/format
"'%s' is an invalid value for --browser-tag."
"query" query
"bind" bind
"bookmarks" bookmarks
"prompt" prmpt
"tiebreak" tiebreak})))
(defn main
[& args]
[{"browser" browser "browser-tags" browser-tags "query" query
"bookmarks" bookmarks "bind" bind "prompt" prmpt "tiebreak" tiebreak}
(if bookmarks
(->> (sh/$< fzf -e -m --layout=reverse
(fn [acc [opt val]]
(if val
(if (indexed? val)
(reduce |(array/push $0 (string "--" opt "=" $1))
acc val)
(array/push acc (string "--" opt "=" val)))
[["prompt" prmpt] ["query" query]
["tiebreak" tiebreak] ["bind" bind]])
< (sh/$< buku-fzf-cache))
(peg/match '(some (* ':d+ (thru "\n")))))
(let [urls-with-tags
(->> (sh/$< buku --nostdin -p ;indices -f 20)
(peg/match '{:url (to "\t")
:tag (to (+ "," "\n"))
:tags (group (* ':tag
(any (* "," ':tag))))
:main (some (group (* ':url "\t"
(at-most 1 :tags) "\n")))}))
openUrl (fn [browser url]
(sh/$ nohup setsid -f ;browser ,url
> :null > [stderr :null]))]
(loop [[url tags] :in urls-with-tags]
(if (and tags browser-tags)
(if-let [tagged-browser (some |(get browser-tags $) tags)]
(openUrl tagged-browser url)
(openUrl browser url))
(openUrl browser url))))))