Akseli akselmo

Elder Scrolls Online addon downloader, for Linux!

Updated 4 days ago

Scifi FPS made with Raylib

Updated 1 week ago

woo a readme

Updated 1 week ago

A silly bot that replaces random words when someone says something

Updated 1 week ago

JavaScript 0 0

Endless runner type of game featuring a raptor with hoverboots

Updated 1 week ago

Looks for specific QuakeWorld server IP and pulls information to Discord server

Updated 1 week ago

Python 0 0

My blogposts translated to gemini and other gemini related guff

Updated 1 week ago

Vim script 0 0

KDE Plasma theming

Updated 2 weeks ago

[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:6CF8BBBD93FD0A4A748495A12D8ADFDD01E76FAC]

Updated 2 months ago

Print your friends messages from discord!

Updated 3 months ago