corfu-doc popup on terminal
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;;; corfu-doc-terminal.el --- `corfu-doc' popup on terminal -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2022 Akib Azmain Turja.
;; Author: Akib Azmain Turja <>
;; Created: 2022-05-28
;; Version: 0.9
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "25.1") (corfu-doc "0.5.1") (corfu-terminal "0.2") (popon "0.3"))
;; Keywords: convenience
;; Homepage:
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;; This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; For a full copy of the GNU General Public License
;; see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; `corfu-doc' uses child frames to display candidates. This makes
;; `corfu-doc' unusable on terminal. This package replaces that with
;; popup/popon, which works everywhere. Use M-x corfu-doc-terminal-mode to
;; enable. You'll probably want to enable it only on terminal. In that
;; case, put the following in your init file:
;; (unless (display-graphic-p)
;; (corfu-doc-terminal-mode +1))
;; To use this package, you need to enable `corfu-terminal-mode'.
;;; Code:
(require 'popon)
(require 'corfu-doc)
(require 'corfu-terminal)
(require 'avl-tree)
(defgroup corfu-doc-terminal nil
"`corfu-doc' popup on terminal."
:group 'convenience
:link '(url-link "")
:prefix "corfu-doc-terminal-")
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-position-right-margin 0
"Number of columns of margin at the right of window.
Always keep the popup atleast this many columns away from the right edge of
the window.
Note: If the popup breaks or crosses the right edge of window, you may set
this variable to warkaround it. But remember, that's a *bug*, so if that
ever happens to you please report the issue at"
:type 'integer)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-decoration-threshold 10
"Don't do decorations if it decreases content width to less that this.
Decorations include margins, scroll bar, containuation and non-continuation
:type 'integer)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-left-margin " "
"String to show on the left margin."
:type 'string)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin " "
"String to show on the right margin."
:type 'string)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-scroll-bar " "
"String to show on the scroll bar.
If this string occupies less columns that
`corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin', the scroll bar shown on the right side.
For example if this is set to \"12\" and `corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin'
is set to \"abcd\", \"ab12\" will appear in the popon.
This should ideally occupy less or equal number of columns as
:type 'string)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-continuation-string "\\"
"Show this string at the end of wrapped lines.
This string should occupy the same number of columns as
`corfu-doc-terminal-non-continuation-string', otherwise the popon would
:type 'string)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-non-continuation-string " "
"Show this string at the end of lines that aren't wrapped.
This string should occupy the same number of columns as
`corfu-doc-terminal-continuation-string', otherwise the popon would break."
:type 'string)
(defcustom corfu-doc-terminal-auto-resize-function
"Function to return the size of popon.
The function should take a two arguments CONTENTS, MAX-SIZE, where CONTENTS
is the contents of the popon and MAX-SIZE is a cons cell of form (MAX-WIDTH
. MAX-HEIGHT), which specifies the maximum size of popon. It should
calculate the width WIDTH and height HEIGHT of the popon from it and return
it as (WIDTH . HEIGHT). The function should be pure and side-effect-free."
:type 'function)
(defface corfu-doc-terminal-continuation
'((t :inherit corfu-default))
"Face for continuation string at the end of wrapped line.")
(defface corfu-doc-terminal-scroll-bar
'((t :inherit corfu-bar))
"Face for scroll bar.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--popon nil
"Popon used to show documentation.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text nil
"The text of popon.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--popon-position nil
"The position of popon.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string nil
"The current documentation visible in popon.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position nil
"The start position of the visible part of documentation.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll nil
"The number of line the documentation has been scroll so far.")
(defvar corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree nil
"AVL tree of scrolled line counts and corresponding start positions.")
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p ()
"Return non-nil if child frame should be used."
(or (not corfu-terminal-mode)
(and corfu-terminal-disable-on-gui
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--popup-visible-p (fn)
"Check whether the popon is visible.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon)))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--cf-popup-visible-p (fn)
"Check whether the popon is visible.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(popon-live-p corfu-terminal--popon)))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--get-cf-popup-edges (fn)
"Get the edges of the `corfu-terminal' popon.
The edges are relative to window's origin point.
Call FN Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(let ((position (popon-position corfu-terminal--popon))
(size (popon-size corfu-terminal--popon)))
(list (car position) (cdr position) (+ (car position) (car size))
(+ (cdr position) (cdr size))))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--should-refresh-popup (fn candidate)
"Return whether popon should be refreshed.
CANDIDATE should be the selected candidate.
Call FN with CANDIDATE if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn candidate)
(and (string= candidate corfu-doc--candidate)
(eq (selected-window) corfu-doc--cf-window)
(popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--clear-buffer (fn)
"Clear popon.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(when (popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(let* ((size (popon-size corfu-doc-terminal--popon))
(line (make-string (car size) ? )))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text
(mapconcat (lambda (_) line)
(number-sequence 0 (1- (cdr size))) "\n"))
(popon-kill corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon
(popon-create corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text
nil nil -1))))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--make-popup-invisible (fn)
"Make popon invisible.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(when (popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(popon-kill corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon nil))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--popup-hide (fn)
"Hide popon.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(when (popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(popon-kill corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon-position nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll nil)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree nil)
(corfu-doc--set-vars nil nil nil))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--calc-popon-position-size ()
"Calculate the position and size of the popon.
The return value is a cons cell whose car is the position and cdr is the
;; Adapted from `corfu-doc--calculate-doc-frame-position' in corfu-doc.el
(let* ((x nil)
(y nil)
(space 0)
(cf-window (popon-window corfu-terminal--popon))
(cf-popon--pos (popon-position corfu-terminal--popon))
(cf-popon-x (car cf-popon--pos)) ; corfu--frame x pos
(cf-popon-y (cdr cf-popon--pos))
(cf-popon--size (popon-size corfu-terminal--popon))
(cf-popon-width (car cf-popon--size))
(cf-popon-height (cdr cf-popon--size))
(cf-window-width (window-max-chars-per-line cf-window))
(max 0 (- (window-body-height cf-window)
(cf-doc-popon-max-width (min corfu-doc-max-width cf-window-width))
(cf-doc-popon-max-height (min corfu-doc-max-height
(when corfu-doc-terminal-auto-resize-function
(funcall corfu-doc-terminal-auto-resize-function
(cons cf-doc-popon-max-width
(cf-doc-popon-width (min (car cf-doc-popon-auto-size)
(cf-doc-popon-height (min (cdr cf-doc-popon-auto-size)
(if (< (point) (point-max))
(cdr (popon-x-y-at-pos (point)))
;; This is needed, because if `point' is at `point-max', the
;; cursor will be after overlay. To workaround that, we move
;; to the beginning of line, and then calculate the Y value.
(goto-char (vertical-motion 0))
(cdr (popon-x-y-at-pos (point))))))
(- cf-window-width (+ cf-popon-x cf-popon-width space)))
(cf-window-space-left (- cf-popon-x space))
(cf-window-space-top (min (- cf-popon-y space) cf-point-y))
(- cf-window-height (max (+ cf-popon-y cf-popon-height space)
(+ cf-point-y 1)))))
((or (>= cf-window-space-right cf-doc-popon-width)
(and (>= cf-window-space-right cf-window-space-left)
(>= cf-doc-popon-height cf-window-space-top)
(>= cf-doc-popon-height cf-window-space-bottom)))
(setq x (+ cf-popon-x cf-popon-width space))
(setq y cf-popon-y))
((or (>= cf-window-space-left cf-doc-popon-width)
(and (> cf-window-space-left cf-window-space-right)
(>= cf-doc-popon-height cf-window-space-top)
(>= cf-doc-popon-height cf-window-space-bottom)))
(setq x (- cf-popon-x space cf-doc-popon-width))
(setq y cf-popon-y))
(setq x cf-popon-x)
(setq y (cond
((< cf-popon-y cf-point-y)
(if (and (< cf-window-space-top cf-doc-popon-width)
(>= (1+ cf-point-y) 0))
(1+ cf-point-y)
(max 0 (- cf-popon-y space cf-doc-popon-height))))
(if (and (< cf-window-space-bottom cf-doc-popon-width)
(>= (- cf-point-y cf-doc-popon-height) 0))
(- cf-point-y cf-doc-popon-height)
(+ cf-popon-y cf-popon-height space)))))))
(when (>= (+ x cf-doc-popon-width) cf-window-width)
(if (= y cf-popon-y)
(setq cf-doc-popon-width (- cf-window-width x))
(setq x (max (- cf-window-width cf-doc-popon-width) 0))
(when (< cf-window-width cf-doc-popon-width)
(setq cf-doc-popon-width cf-window-width))))
(when (< x 0)
(setq cf-doc-popon-width (+ cf-doc-popon-width x))
(setq x 0))
(when (and (= y cf-popon-y)
(> cf-point-y cf-popon-y)
(> cf-doc-popon-height cf-popon-height))
(setq y (max (- cf-point-y cf-doc-popon-height) 0))
(setq cf-doc-popon-height (- cf-point-y y)))
(when (> (+ y cf-popon-height) cf-window-height)
(setq cf-popon-height (- cf-window-height y)))
`((,x . ,y) . (,cf-doc-popon-width . ,cf-doc-popon-height))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal-auto-resize (contents max-size)
"Calculate popon size from CONTENTS but don't exceed MAX-SIZE."
(let ((lines (split-string contents "\n")))
(cons (min (+ (apply #'max
(last (nreverse (mapcar #'string-width lines))
(cdr max-size)))
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-left-margin)
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-continuation-string)
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin))
(car max-size))
(max (cdr max-size) (length lines)))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--calc-popon-text (size)
"Calculate the text to show given the SIZE of popon."
(let* ((width (car size))
(height (cdr size))
(+ (string-width corfu-doc-terminal-left-margin)
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-continuation-string)
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin)))
(show-decorations-p (> (- width decoration-width)
(lines nil)
(i corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position))
(when show-decorations-p
(setq width (- width decoration-width)))
(dotimes (j height)
(let ((line "")
(column 0)
(break nil))
(when (>= i (length corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string))
(avl-tree-enter corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree
(cons i (+ corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll j))))
(while (not break)
(let ((char (if (>= i (length corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string))
(substring corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string i
(1+ i)))))
(if (or (> (+ column (string-width char)) width)
(string= char "\n"))
(let* ((extend-attr
(lambda (face)
(if (facep face)
(face-attribute face :extend)
(or (cadr (plist-member face :extend))
(extend 'unspecified))
(let ((faceprop (get-char-property 0 'face char)))
(when (< column width)
(setq line (concat line (propertize " " 'face
(setq column (1+ column)))
(catch 'done
(if (face-list-p faceprop)
(dolist (face faceprop)
(setq extend (funcall extend-attr face))
(when (booleanp extend)
(throw 'done extend)))
(setq extend (funcall extend-attr faceprop))
(when (booleanp extend)
(throw 'done extend)))
(setq extend (funcall extend-attr 'default)))
(let ((space (make-string (- width column) ? )))
(setq line (concat line (if extend
(propertize space 'face
(setq break t)))
(when (or (string= char "\n")
(string= char "\t"))
(setq i (1+ i)))
(when show-decorations-p
(if (string= char "\n")
'face 'corfu-doc-terminal-continuation)
'face 'corfu-doc-terminal-continuation))))))
(setq line (concat line (if (string= char "\t")
(make-string tab-width ? )
(setq column (+ column (string-width char)))
(setq i (1+ i)))))
(push line lines)))
(let* ((right-margin-with-scroll-bar
(insert corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin)
(max (- (string-width corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin)
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-scroll-bar))
(insert (propertize corfu-doc-terminal-scroll-bar 'face
(string-width corfu-doc-terminal-right-margin))
(buffer-substring (point-min) (point))))
(k -1)
(lambda (line)
(if (not show-decorations-p)
(setq k (1+ k))
(if (<= (floor
(* (/ corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position
(float (length
(/ i (float (length
(nreverse lines) "\n")))
(add-face-text-property 0 (length text) 'corfu-default t text)
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--popon-show ()
"Show the popon."
(let* ((position-size (corfu-doc-terminal--calc-popon-position-size)))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text
(corfu-doc-terminal--calc-popon-text (cdr position-size)))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon-position (car position-size))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--popon
(popon-create corfu-doc-terminal--popon-text
corfu-doc-terminal--popon-position nil nil -1))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--refresh-popup (fn)
"Update the position of popon.
Call FN if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn)
(setq corfu-doc--cf-popup-edges (corfu-doc--get-cf-popup-edges))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--preprocess-docstring (str)
"Preprocess STR to remove any problematic text properties."
;; Remove any text with `invisible' text property.
(let ((pos 0))
(while (< pos (length str))
(let ((change (next-single-property-change pos 'invisible str
(length str))))
(if (not (get-text-property pos 'invisible str))
(setq pos change)
(setq str (concat (substring str 0 pos)
(substring str change)))))))
;; Handle `display' property.
(let ((pos 0))
(while (< pos (length str))
(let ((change (next-single-property-change pos 'display str
(length str))))
(if (not (stringp (get-text-property pos 'display str)))
(setq pos change)
(let ((replacement (get-text-property pos 'display str)))
(add-text-properties 0 (length replacement)
(text-properties-at pos str) replacement)
(setq str (concat (substring str 0 pos)
(propertize replacement 'display nil)
(substring str change)))
(setq pos (+ pos (length replacement))))))))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--update-popup (fn doc)
"Update the position of popon.
Call FN with DOC if on graphical display and
`corfu-doc-terminal-disable-on-gui' is non-nil."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn doc)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string
(corfu-doc-terminal--preprocess-docstring doc))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position 0)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll 0)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree
(avl-tree-create #'car-less-than-car))
(avl-tree-enter corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree '(0 . 0))
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--popup-scroll (fn arg)
"Scroll up ARG lines.
ARG is same as in `scroll-up' (which see).
Call FN with ARG if Corfu is using child frame."
(if (corfu-doc-terminal--use-child-frame-p)
(funcall fn arg)
(when (popon-live-p corfu-doc-terminal--popon)
(let* ((proposed-scroll corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll)
(size (popon-size corfu-doc-terminal--popon))
(width (car size))
(height (cdr size)))
((eq arg nil)
(setq proposed-scroll
(+ proposed-scroll (- height (min next-screen-context-lines
(1- height))))))
((eq arg '-)
(setq proposed-scroll
(- proposed-scroll (- height (min next-screen-context-lines
(1- height))))))
(setq proposed-scroll (+ proposed-scroll arg))))
(when (and (>= proposed-scroll 0)
(/= proposed-scroll corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll))
(let ((i nil)
(start-line nil)
(j nil)
(cached-i (cdr (avl-tree-member
(cons proposed-scroll nil)))))
(setq i cached-i)
(setq start-line proposed-scroll)
(setq j 0))
((< proposed-scroll corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll)
(setq i 0)
(setq start-line 0)
(setq j proposed-scroll))
(setq i corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position)
(setq start-line corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll)
(setq j (- proposed-scroll corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll))))
(dotimes (k j)
(let ((column 0)
(break nil))
(when (< i (length corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string))
(avl-tree-enter corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll-tree
(cons (+ start-line k) i)))
(while (and (< i (length corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string))
(not break))
(let ((char (aref corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string i)))
(if (or (> (+ column (char-width char)) width)
(eq char ?\n))
(when (or (eq char ?\n)
(eq char ?\t))
(setq i (1+ i)))
(setq break t))
(setq column (+ column (char-width char)))
(setq i (1+ i)))))))
(when (< i (length corfu-doc-terminal--doc-string))
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-scroll proposed-scroll)
(setq corfu-doc-terminal--doc-start-position i)
(defun corfu-doc-terminal--increase-corfu-doc-advice-precedence ()
"Increase the precedence of `corfu-doc''s advices on Corfu."
(when (advice-member-p #'corfu-doc--popup-show #'corfu--popup-show)
(advice-remove #'corfu--popup-show #'corfu-doc--popup-show)
(advice-add #'corfu--popup-show :after #'corfu-doc--popup-show
'((depth . -1))))
(when (advice-member-p #'corfu-doc--popup-hide #'corfu--popup-hide)
(advice-remove #'corfu--popup-hide #'corfu-doc--popup-hide)
(advice-add #'corfu--popup-hide :after #'corfu-doc--popup-hide
'((depth . -1)))))
(define-minor-mode corfu-doc-terminal-mode
"`corfu-doc' popup on terminal."
:global t
(if corfu-doc-terminal-mode
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--popup-visible-p :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--cf-popup-visible-p :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--get-cf-popup-edges :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--should-refresh-popup :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--clear-buffer :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--make-popup-invisible :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--popup-hide :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--refresh-popup :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--update-popup :around
(advice-add #'corfu-doc--popup-scroll :around
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--popup-visible-p
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--cf-popup-visible-p
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--get-cf-popup-edges
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--should-refresh-popup
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--clear-buffer
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--make-popup-invisible
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--popup-hide
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--refresh-popup
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--update-popup
(advice-remove #'corfu-doc--popup-scroll
;; Decrease precedence of the advices that we increased.
(when (advice-member-p #'corfu-doc--popup-show #'corfu--popup-show)
(advice-remove #'corfu--popup-show #'corfu-doc--popup-show)
(advice-add #'corfu--popup-show :after #'corfu-doc--popup-show))
(when (advice-member-p #'corfu-doc--popup-hide #'corfu--popup-hide)
(advice-remove #'corfu--popup-hide #'corfu-doc--popup-hide)
(advice-add #'corfu--popup-hide :after #'corfu-doc--popup-hide))))
(provide 'corfu-doc-terminal)
;;; corfu-doc-terminal.el ends here