corfu-doc popup on terminal
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corfu-doc-terminal - corfu-doc popup on terminal

corfu-doc uses child frames to display candidates. This makes corfu-doc unusable on terminal. This package replaces that with popon, which works everywhere.



corfu-doc-terminal isn't available on any archive right now. So, you have to follow one of the following methods:


(quelpa '(corfu-doc-terminal
          :fetcher git
          :url ""))


   :type git
   :repo ""))


Download the corfu-doc-terminal.el file and put it in your load-path.


Enable the global minor mode M-x corfu-doc-terminal-mode to enable it. You'll probably want to enable it only on terminal. In that case, put the following in your init file:

(unless (display-graphic-p)
  (corfu-doc-terminal-mode +1))

To use this package, you need to enable corfu-terminal-mode.