My personal blog.
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Airikr Blog

This is the source code for my personal blog, Airikr Blog.


  • Strong privacy policy with near to zero logging.
    • The visitors decide when data will be logged on the server and/or on their device.
    • Full control over the saved data.
  • Sort posts after tags.
  • Markdown for both posts and comments.
  • Quickly change theme.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Easily share posts to Telegram or a Mastodon instance.
  • Instant View for a blog post.
  • As of today, simple search for simple words (will be advanced search in the future).
  • ADMIN: The login demands a username and TOTP. A password are required before setting up TOTP. After that, the password will be removed from the account.
  • ADMIN: Save posts for later.
  • ADMIN: Pin posts to the top.
  • ADMIN: Upload files and manage them.
  • ADMIN: Set default name, email address, and URL.

Coming soon

  • Advanced search. Filter search results after:
    • tags
    • full date
    • year
    • month
    • day
    • time
  • Android app for the admin panel only.
  • Be able to reset the account by sending a reset link via email.
  • Be able to subscribe to a specific tag via RSS.
  • Be able to link to a post on another blog that mentions a post on Airikr Blog.
  • Save toots in the database for best page reload speed.
  • ADMIN: Be able to gather sources and plan future posts.
  • ADMIN: Be able to write private posts that are encrypted with AES256.