Calculator for Discord.js with buttons
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NPM Info


Requirements to use this package:

  • Discord.JS v14
$ npm i tmath
$ npm i discord.js


This is an customizable calculator for a discordbot

const TMath = require("tmath");

const calculator = new TMath({
    destroy: "Oh no, you locked me! :0", // Optional, default is "Calculator Locked"
    invalid: "Next time just in a valid calculation! o.o", // Optional, default is "Invalid Calculation"
    notOwner: "Hey, use your own calculator! c.c", // Optional, default is "Only the author can use the calculator! Run the command to create you're own."
    deactivateMessage: "Well, just got deactivated :x", // Optional, default is "The Calculator got deactivated"
    deactivateTimeout: "11m", // optional, default are 10 minutes
    request: interaction, // A Interaction or Message
    user: interaction.user // Required, the user who called the request

// Replying with the calculator setup
const reply = calculator.getReply();
const message = await interaction.reply(reply); // or channel.send, message.reply, etc

// Handling the calculations


Example to the Calculator

v3.0.1 v14 Support

For support DM me on Discord (Adam ^^#7729), Support server: Coming Soon