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Adam's Website

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Hey 👋, welcome to the repo of my personal website built with Hugo!

Feel free to poke around or get in touch 😊.

Running Locally

To see your changes, first check that Hugo is installed by running hugo version, and then start the Hugo server with hugo server -D (-D enables drafts), then go to the shown localhost link (which has live reload!). Refer here for more Hugo documentation.


To build the site and deploy it to using Codeberg pages, commit your changes in the main branch and push to Codeberg. This will run the Woodpecker CI pipelines defined in .woodpecker.yml using Codeberg CI, which builds the Hugo website and pushes it to the pages branch of this repository, where Codeberg hosts the static site from. The Codeberg CI pipeline runs can be inspected here.


If Hugo fails to build the site and displays a warning message, try cleaning Hugo module cache by hugo mod clean and refetch the Congo module by hugo mod get -u. Also check out Congo repository for Issues/help.


  • Document the woodpecker CI config and how this works (and remove the old script), see #1 for docs/past reference, and also this, and this.
  • Make a tutorial/blog about deploying Hugo to Codeberg pages, see this issue? EDIT: This seems to be already done here.
  • Find out if I can redirect to from as was the case with GitHub pages (maybe adding to .domains would help?).
  • Find out how can I use custom short URLs for my blog posts using Congo - i.e. to remove the /blog part of the url and only have URLs like Probably open an issue/discussion in Congo GitHub repo.


The website is based on the Congo Hugo theme, check it out!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).