SQL Workbench/J Git Repository
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David Brownlee ff975aad16 Better handle unknown systems in download_jre.sh 1 year ago
LICENSE 2 years ago
README_EXT 2 years ago
SQLWorkbench.vbs 2 years ago
Workbench.icns 2 years ago
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build.xml 1 year ago
create_oracle_test_user.sql 2 years ago
create_postgres_test_db.sql 2 years ago
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download_jre.cmd 1 year ago
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download_jre.sh Better handle unknown systems in download_jre.sh 1 year ago
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sqlwbconsole.cmd 2 years ago
sqlwbconsole.sh Make start scripts work with symlinks 2 years ago
sqlworkbench.cmd 1 year ago
sqlworkbench.desktop 2 years ago
sqlworkbench.sh 1 year ago
test_pg_version.cmd 2 years ago
todo.txt 2 years ago
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xmltask-v1.16.jar 2 years ago
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