Simple python framework to keep track of NSE stocks
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This is a simple python framework to keep track of NSE stocks in some certain fashion. This will track nifty50, and interface over telegram.


  • Tracks ema20, ema50, and sma200 ; reports when they break pattern
  • Track MAs, reports when they intersect with candles


  • todo: add requirements


  • Create a file with the following format

    dbfile = "mydatabase.sqlite"
    chat_id = 'telegram_chat_id'
    bot_key = 'telegram_bot_api_key'
  • Populate an sqlite database with all the symbols you want to track, with a schema compatible with the following (will soon be replaced by downloading a json or csv from an official source):

    TABLE symbols(symbol TEXT PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT NOT NULL)

  • Run and await results