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global $confirmPass, $oldPass, $seeOutput, $pathToChpasswd,
$pathToPw, $debug, $minimumPasswordLength;
// Set this to the minimum length of passwords you want
// to enforce. Set to zero to disable this check
$minimumPasswordLength = 8;
// Set this to 1 if you want the user to have to enter
// their new password twice. Set to zero otherwise,
// but why would you do that?
$confirmNewPass = 1;
// Set this to 1 to require the user to enter thier current
// password in order to change it (FreeBSD ('pw' utility)
// users typically set this to zero; others can (and should!)
// leave this as is.
$confirmOldPass = 1;
//$confirmOldPass = 0;
// Please include the full path (not relative) to the chpasswd program
// ONLY if you are NOT using the one included with this plugin!
$overridePathToChpasswd = '';
// Use this setting only if you want to use the pw program to change
// your password (available on e.g. FreeBSD). Include full path
// (not relative) to the pw program. This will override the chpasswd
// program, so leave it empty if you are using chpasswd.
$pathToPw = '';
// If you want see the output of the chpasswd program (usually
// only useful for debugging purposes, set this to 1
$seeOutput = 0;
// For debugging only, set this variable to 1. WARNING: this will
// echo any password information you enter in clear text! Please
// use this setting with care!
$debug = 0;