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Project Poke!

Things this is expected to do :

-> Hold a database of 151 original pokemon.
-> Allow an authenticated admin interface.
-> Allow PvP battles (upto 5 pokemon in party) of player choice and level.
-> Log everything! (be verbose).

How I will go about doing it :

-> Write many small files, and then integrate them as functions into the main file.

Misc Notes

-> Documentation
-> Technical Documentation of game mechanics
-> User Manual
-> Name / Version Number
-> Internal Comments //help with the code

-> Content
-> 151 original gen 1 pokemon.
-> Official base stats from bulbapedia + level gain given by some algo

-> Testing
-> Test it under against various parameters for software stability, response speed, robustness.
-> Should never abruptly terminate. Must always write a log file on error. Must display a user friendly error.

-> Porting
-> Do not intend to port it to non-unix systems. Will try to ensure unix-like-compatibility (linux, OSX. I only have these two to test it out)

-> Packaging.
-> An installer script and/or an installer package may be provided. (will need to think this out).
-> Make sure all the paths are as expected by the program (compiled binary).

-> Directory Structure
-> Code (for transparency).
-> Content
-> Logs
-> User (list of admins)
-> Data (151 pokemon + abilities, etc).
-> Changelog in separate file.