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Red found himself running in a dark cave. Metal complained noisily as his boots slammed one after the other into the floor. In the close distance, nameless horrors chased. Bestial grunts and howls followed him unrelentingly. His gun was loaded, but he dared not slow down, even to fire. The outline of an open door in the distance filled his tired limbs with new strength. He sprinted with a speed that was not his and dived through the door, turning mid air to face the door, and fired a controlled burst into the cave. The bark of gunfire filled the environment, and he saw razer sharp teeth and snouts dripping with gore in the flash of the gunfire. The sudden report of his Kalash stunned and repelled the beasts. In the moment they took to recover, he secured the heavy duty adamantium door. He found a switch and flipped it, flooding the room with clinical white light. It was an infirmary. Only now, he noticed the blood on the floor, its volume increasing by the second. It was his blood. He looked down. He was bleeding profusely from his chest. As he desperately tried to find something to help himself with, he collapsed to the floor, and died...
Redrick "Red" McRedson woke up in a cold sweat, his hand reflexively clutching at a non existent wound on his chest. His throat was dry, and he was breathing heavily. He had been having this dream every night for the past two moons now. He wondered if the dreams meant anything at all. Almost immediately, he purged his mind of pointless thoughts. He checked that his tent was sealed shut, adjusted the heater unit, checked his guns for firing readiness, and winced as he drifted back to sleep, hoping to not endure through the same dream again.