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This is the source repository of provided for transparency and security monitoring purposes. All files are copyright of the respective authors, Protected under Indian Copyright law, but the python code may be used for testing security vulnerablities and debugging purposes.


The python file builds the website and can be run with python 3.9. The output of the folder www would then include the source that can be compared to the served file (eg. using hashing, except feed due to date of building used as publish date).

Why a custom Static Site Generator(SSG)?

  • Markdown isn't the easiest for poetry (two spaces for hard linebreak)
  • It is nearly impossible or fairly typical to define a custom file format in most SSG's(see /poems)
  • No SSG has complete support for oppurtunistic incremental builds
  • I can safely assume that my layout wouldn't change(while keeping it easy but manual to change it)
  • Tracking elements have to be carefully disabled in most SSGs, here they are just missing
  • The independent nature(no external dependency), combined with simplicity creates a very secure software


Contact us at to report any issues or open an issue(or a pull request) via codeberg.