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MiniWorldMaker allows you to create 2D mini worlds and games.

It is a 2D engine inspired by greenfoot and gamegrid based on pygame.



German | English


  • Angry Birds: This demonstrates the physics engine. It runs somewhat slowly on, should buy smoothly on modern computers without problems.

  • Kara: Kara Prototype

  • RPG Framework: Framework for simple RPGs and Textadventures


  • MiniWorldMaker supports pixel-based games as well as games with tiles (e.g. Rogue-Likes)

  • Easy creation of animations

  • Music and sound effects

  • Integrated GUI elements like console for output, toolbar, ...

  • Load and Save to SQLite Databases

  • Integrated Physics-Engine based on Pymunk

  • Open Source

  • Miniworldmaker is a 2D Engine based on Python 3, pygame and pymunk.

Codeberg | Documentation | PyPi | Cookbook