Andrew Wood a-j-wood

Pipe Viewer - monitor the progress of data through a pipe.

Updated 2023-10-01 14:16:38 +00:00

A tool to keep a directory synchronised with its mirror, using the inotify change notification mechanism to efficiently trigger calls to rsync.

Updated 2023-08-23 07:47:17 +00:00

Request Tracker extension to allow quick creation of new tickets based on correspondence on an existing ticket.

Updated 2023-08-21 07:43:46 +00:00

Request Tracker extension to strip text from emails after a delimiter.

Updated 2023-08-21 07:43:30 +00:00

Pre-process email before passing it to Request Tracker, to remove text after "Please type your reply above this line" markers.

Updated 2023-08-21 07:43:17 +00:00

Request Tracker extension to allow a comment to be pinned, so it is always shown first in the ticket history and is highlighted.

Updated 2023-08-21 07:42:56 +00:00

Request Tracker extension to designate tickets as templates for new tickets.

Updated 2023-08-16 15:37:03 +00:00

Request Tracker extension to share ticket searches as shorter links.

Updated 2023-08-16 15:25:35 +00:00

Filter incoming RT tickets through rule sets.

Updated 2023-08-16 15:17:03 +00:00

Perl module to emulate a VT102 terminal.

Updated 2023-08-16 12:37:46 +00:00

An SMTP proxy for Postfix which runs a content filter on the DATA portion to determine whether to pass or bounce each message.

Updated 2023-08-16 12:08:12 +00:00

Quick Spam Filter is a small, fast spam filter that works by learning to recognise the words that are more likely to appear in spam than non-spam. It is intended to be used in a procmail recipe to mark email as being possible spam.

Updated 2023-08-16 11:35:25 +00:00

Junk mail buffering agent

Updated 2023-08-16 09:47:42 +00:00