A webauthn plugin for cockpit
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webauthn plguin for cockpit based on https://github.com/agentejo/2FA

This is work in progress and should not be used in production


  • Execute git clone https://codeberg.org/_laphilipa/cockpit-webauthn.git webauthn in your cockpit installations addon directory.
  • If it does not work try setting your site_url explicitly in the cockpit configuration in the form site_url: https://yoursite.fr. The browser validates that the request comes from the correct domain to prevent phishing but the server needs to know what the correct domain is and it won't know if it's behind a reverse proxy.

Install dependencies

  • composer install
  • rm -rf vendor/lbuchs/webauthn (Include all dependencies in git to 1. eliminate vendor cahin attacks 2. keep it installable by cloning this repo)