• v1.0.4 c30ef056e1

    Release 1.0.4 Stable

    YellowComet released this 2023-02-11 19:06:52 +00:00 | 5 commits to main since this release

    This release adds the missing closing tag. Without it, all content after the embed was included inside the embed, making the rest of the article appear missing.

    This was caused by a lack of more thorough testing, I will be more careful in the future.

    Other than that, there have been changes to the CONTRIBUTING.md file to clarify that contributions to this repo are under the GPL-2.0-or-later. The license notice at README.md has also been changed.

    The URL at extension.json (the one shown at Special:Version) has also been changed to this extension's page at mediawiki.org.

    (Correction February 12th, 2023: The changes clarifying the license of PRs were done to CONTRIBUTING.md, not CHANGELOG.md)