A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games. https://yeldham.itch.io/librerama
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"name": "Thing Factory",
"kickoff": "VALIDATE!",
"description": "The thing is, things let's us do all sort of things. Our thing is to make things, so help eliminate the wrong things, because correctness is our kind of thing.",
"author": "Librerama",
"input": "DRAG_DROP",
"inputModifier": "NONE",
"timer": "SURVIVAL",
"tags": "Attention,Conveyor",
"licenseCode": "GPL_3_LATER",
"licenseAssets": "CC_BY_SA_4",
"source": "https://codeberg.org/Yeldham/librerama/src/master/nanogames/thing_factory",
"thirdParty": [
"name": "Beep1: Resonant Error Beep",
"author": "tcpp",
"license": "CC_BY_3",
"source": "https://freesound.org/people/tcpp/sounds/151309/"
"name": "crate_break_3",
"author": "dxeyes",
"license": "CC_BY_3",
"source": "https://freesound.org/people/dxeyes/sounds/432669/"
"name": "Production=Life",
"author": "Paranautical",
"license": "CC_BY_3",
"source": "https://opengameart.org/content/productionlife"