A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games. https://yeldham.itch.io/librerama
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"name": "Ballkeep",
"kickoff": "KEEP IN!",
"description": "That metal ball really wants to get out this place. Why is that? I would worry more about keeping it within the paddle area until the timer runs out if I were you.",
"author": "Librerama",
"input": "NAVIGATION",
"inputModifier": "HORIZONTAL",
"timer": "SURVIVAL",
"tags": "Paddle",
"licenseCode": "GPL_3_LATER",
"licenseAssets": "CC_BY_SA_4",
"source": "https://codeberg.org/Yeldham/librerama/src/master/nanogames/ballkeep",
"thirdParty": [
"name": "Alarm Siren",
"author": "mirkosukovic",
"license": "CC_BY_3",
"source": "https://freesound.org/people/mirkosukovic/sounds/435666/"
"name": "metal_clang_cut_03",
"author": "Department64",
"license": "CC0",
"source": "https://freesound.org/people/Department64/sounds/95271/"
"name": "Metallic Mistress",
"author": "FoxSynergy",
"license": "CC_BY_3",
"source": "https://opengameart.org/content/metallic-mistress"