• Stable v0.4.0 b84e235da2


    Yeldham released this 5 months ago | 51 commits to master since this release


    • Add music! A menu theme and various jingles all composed by Francesco
    • Add control settings. With options to change nanogame controls, and to mirror
      the positions of touch buttons.
    • Add nanogames:
      • Buzzing Lunch
      • Countin' Candy
      • Shuffle Dance
      • Suitcase-by-Case
      • Woozy Chomper
    • Add labels showing how much was gained on score and tickets counters.
    • Add "Contributors" tab to the "About" dialog.
    • Add new phrases to the nanogame intermissions.


    • Unify the nanogame selection and random screens.
    • Improve the directional touch controls. Now allowing diagonal inputs.
    • Nanogames:
      • Anagogic Clock: Add a "x" mark to empty slots in the time display, to
        better convey that any number is acceptable for them.
      • Ballkeep: Slow down the ball at the start, but raise the speed further
        after the first bounce. Also add arrows on the dominant paddle that disappear
        after moving it.
      • Punchbag Wallop: Make punching bags translucent when they flinch away and
        can't be hit.
      • Thing Factory: Make "things" spawn indefinitely instead of a fixed amount.
        Also increase size of their touch area.
      • Void Avoider: Increase minimum distance between the player and black hole
    • Allow choosing which difficulty to start from in practice mode.
    • It's now possible to pause/quit at the very start of nanogame playing.
    • Double best score slots in the statistics screen from 3 to 6.
    • Allow for search terms in the selection screen to only contain negatives.
    • Disable "Mute When the Game Loses Focus" option by default, as it doesn't
      work correctly on some cases.
    • Make status icons on the pause menu in the nanogame HUD have the same color
      as their unpaused counterparts.
    • Various minor visual changes across the game's interface.


    • Fix occasions where one could start playing with less nanogames selected than
      necessary in the selection screen.
    • Fix bug in nanogame selection screen when typing too fast in the search bar.
      Turns out that it wasn't Android only.
    • Nanogames:
      • Papercuts: Fix cutting very close to the inner cutout area making the
        nanogame unwinnable instead of triggering the failure state in rare
      • Void Avoider: Fix black hole spawns being wrongfully offset, leading to
        some cases where it could spawn inside the player.
    • Fix ellipsis on cutoff names in nanogame buttons glitching on window resize.
    • Fix "Start" button's tooltip in the arcade menu appearing even when hidden.