• Stable v0.2.0 04fa90c51d


    Yeldham released this 1 year ago | 253 commits to master since this release


    • Add nanogames:
      • Ballkeep
      • Rope Hop
      • Thing Factory
    • Add practice mode. Sharpen your skills on a specific nanogame without
      worrying about energy points.
    • Add German translation (thanks to Wuzzy).


    • Revamp touch buttons. Adding pass-through functionality, and lightly changed
    • Nanogames:
      • Anagogic Clock: Allow for an margin error of 1 minute on the last
      • Input Flow: Remove number system, and make difficulty 2 have 5 inputs.
      • Punchbag Wallop: At difficulty 3, make the bag need 5 punches instead of 4
        to be destroyed.
      • Void Avoider: Make the no-spawn area of black holes slightly bigger.
    • Remove vertical borders in the arcade interface. Giving it a more clear look.
    • Apply small cosmetic change to vertical scrollbar.


    • Fix previously played nanogames never actually being cleared.
    • Fix crash for nanogames that fire the 'ended' signal when something vanishes.
    • Fix nanogame filtering not taking into account other languages.
    • Fix audio speed not quite matching the game speed.
    • Fix menu noise being played when pressing the shortcut while no sub-menus are
    • Fix item on "Inputs" list in the random selection screen being cutoff.
    • Fix difficulty and speed icon bugs related to their colors.
    • Fix text alignment in "Community Nanogames" toggle when changing from certain