A Minetest mod that gives you access to all items of the game (even those hidden from creative inventories).
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Get Item

Version 1.1.0

This Minetest mod allows you to get easy access to all items of the game, including items that players might not supposed to get (e.g. items that are normally hidden from a Creative Mode inventory).

Players need to have the 'give' privilege to use this mod.

It works in all games.


To use anything, you need to have the 'give' privilege.

If you have it, you can access items in 3 ways:

  • Bag of Everything [getitem:bag]:
    • An item. Use the 'punch' key to open the dialog
  • Chest of Everything [getitem:chest]:
    • A block. Place it anywhere, then press the 'place' key while pointing on it
  • Chat command /getitem: Type it into the chat

In the item window, you can drag out items at will into your inventory. Put items into the trash slot to destroy them. Enter somethin in the text field to filter out items by name.


Created by Wuzzy. Licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE.md).