A curried functional lisp-like language
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Concurr is getting a rewrite for these reasons:

  • Make the syntax better
  • Change the name (Concurr isn't very related to concurrency)
  • Clean things up (the lua folder is pretty useless and stuff)
  • I know more about languages and design, so things will be fixed

The core evaluation strategy will not change. The rewrite will still be

  • Curried
  • Purely functional
  • Syntax similar to s-expressions
  • Awesome
  • RAWMEAT (Restrictions aren't worth my effort and time :)
  • Vegan :)

conCurr logo

Inspired by lisp (scheme, robin, and picolisp), (oca)ml, red, and logo. It also shares some features with hoon.

You can use paste to paste syntax-highlighted code.


  • Currying
  • Homoiconicity -- that looks good
  • Pure Functional Programming
  • Free-form syntax
  • Pattern matching
  • Custom control structures
  • Macros?



You can now find a tutorial in the tutorial.cnc file.