A client library implementing the full v1 REST API protocol for Mastodon in Guile
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reports Module

Table of Contents

  1. masto-report-account



File a report against an account with ID accountID for the user tied to mastoApp.

statusIDs are a list of status IDs to attach to the report, for context.

comment are any comments you wish to attach to the report, with a max of 1,000 characters.

forward is a boolean determining, if the account is remote, whether the report should be forwarded to the remote admin.

This function, if successful, returns #t.

Find the original documentation here.


#f03c15 mastoApp
#f03c15 accountID
#1589F0 #:statusIDs (argument position 3)
#1589F0 #:comment (argument position 4)
#1589F0 #:forward (argument position 5)