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<title>Volker Weißmann</title>
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<h1> Personal Site of Volker Weißmann </h1>
<h2> Job search </h2>
I'm currently searching for a job. My <a href="/resume.pdf">resume</a> shows what I worked with before, but I'm very
open to learning and doing new stuff. If you have a job offer, please <a
href="">contact me</a>. I want to either:
Work on fixing popular open source software <em>upstream</em>, or
Work for an organization that does something I deem useful for
society. Examples include the Wikimedia Foundation, the Electronic
Frontier Foundation or organizations that promote FOSS, open data,
privacy and digital rights.
<h2> Programming Stuff</h2>
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<p>{{ item['abstract'] }}</p>
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<h2>Organizational Stuff</h2>
<p><a href="">Source Code of this Site</a></p>
<p><a href="">Contact</a></p>