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markdown_to_html_outputs := $(patsubst content/,build/%/index.html,$(wildcard content/*.md))
all: $(markdown_to_html_outputs) build/styles.css ~/Sync/DatenVolker/Bewerbungen/DefaultResume/resume.pdf
cp -r copy_to_build/* build/
cp ~/Sync/DatenVolker/Bewerbungen/DefaultResume/resume.pdf build/resume.pdf
mkdir -p build
mkdir -p $@
build/%/index.html: content/ build/%/ single.nfhtml
pandoc --template=single.nfhtml --filter ./ --table-of-contents $< -o $@
build/styles.css: styles.scss
scss styles.scss build/styles.css
deploy: all
rm build/ || true
lychee build/
cp -r build/* ../
cd ../ && git add -A && git commit -m "deploy" && git push
rm -r build || true