Kalender Synchronisation for Wekan (https://wekan.github.io/) https://www.vioffice.de
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reuse compliant Hosted on Codeberg Github Mirror Latest Release

Calendar Synchronisation for Wekan. Supports single ical files or webcal sync.


  • PHP (>=7)

  • Webserver with PHP support (e.g. Apache2)

  • MySQL or MariaDB

Install required dependencies

Ubuntu 20.04 Server (most likely also Debian 10):

# LAMP-stack
apt install apache2 php libapache2-mod-php mariadb-server php

# PHP modules
apt install php-curl php-mysql

# 3rdparty libraries
apt install composer
cd libs/
chmod +x ./install_all.sh
sudo -u www-data ./install_all.sh


Use the sample configuration conf/common.php.sample to create your configuration file:

cp conf/common.php.sample conf/common.php
vi conf/common.php

Create a MariaDB/MySQL database with the credentials supplied in the common.php config file:


USE name_of_db;

CREATE TABLE name_of_table (
    username CHAR(100),
    token CHAR(100),
    expire BIGINT,
    ical BIGINT)

CREATE USER name_of_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'your-secure-pw';

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON name_of_db.* to name_of_user@localhost;



If you are running wekan-ical-php straight from main branch:

git pull

If you are running from a specific release:

git checkout main
git pull
git checkout 0.0.2

Either way, please take a look at the changelog from last commits or releases and update your configurations and translations in conf/ accordingly.



Any pull requests or suggestions are welcome on the main repository at https://codeberg.org/ViOffice/wekan-ical-php, the Github-Mirror at https://github.com/ViOffice/wekan-ical-php or via e-mail to the maintainers.

Please make sure, your changes are REUSE-compliant


Copyright (C) 2021 Weymeirsch und Langer GbR

See Licenses here.