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    Version 0.1.0 brings a big update to Planado: Recurring Events are finally possible!


    • index.php Now generates a random string that is used to generate room-, invite- and admin-IDs. This was done by booking.php and could have led to multiple bookings if the site was reloaded.
    • index.php & admin.php now use POST instead of GET to prevent cluttering
    • index.php now offers the option to create recurring events
    • booking.php & admin.php now access two additional database columns: recev (BIGINT) and rectype (CHAR(16)). This is also reflected in create_db.php Please update your database accordingly!
    • cleanup.php checks the recev and rectype DB entries before deleting old entries. If it finds a recurring event, it updates the entries' new timestamp and generates a new room-id (invite-id remains the same).
    • cal.php now also creates a recurring event if necessary
    • When loading external scripts (configs & libs), we now use robust full paths. This enables us to call scripts externally (e.g. cleanup.php via cron)
    • some minor CSS and layout fixes