Unraid template to run Mediathekview in a Docker container. | Icon by GPL 3.0 Mediathekview
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This is a Unraid Docker template to run Mediathekview containerised.

The used image can be found here and the GitHub repository here.

Download & Install

  1. Download the .xml file with the following command:

    wget -O /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user/my-Mediathekview.xml https://codeberg.org/Unraid-Docker-Templates/Mediathekview-Unraid/raw/branch/master/Mediathekview.xml
  2. Go to the "Docker" tab in Unraid and scroll down to the bottom.

  3. Click "ADD CONATINER".

  4. Select the template "Mediathekview".

  5. Configure the template.

  6. Click "APPLY".

  7. Wait a moment, then open the Web UI

  8. Set the download location to "/output" in Mediathekview to get the downloads to your set location / media library.

  9. Start downloading!