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GoChain is a web server written in Go that provides functionality for taking screenshots of websites with caching, generating QR codes, and acting as a web proxy.


GET | /

Takes a screenshot of a website with a resolution of 1366x768. It only supports one URL parameter: url.

Example URL: http://gochain.local/?url=https://naomi.win

URL Parameters:

  • url: string - The address of the website to take a screenshot of.

GET | /qr.png

Generates a black and white QR code image. It only supports one URL parameter: text.

Example URL: http://gochain.local/qr.png?text=Join us > [ https://naomi.win ]!!

URL Parameters:

  • text: string - The text to be encoded in the QR code.

ANY | /proxy/:url

Proxies the website specified by :url and returns its content.

Example URL: http://gochain.local/proxy/https://github.com

URL Parameters: none

POST | /shot

A more advanced way of taking screenshots of websites. Supports custom screen resolutions.

Example Code (python requests):

import requests

requests.post('http://gochain.local/shot', json={'url': 'https://naomi.win', 'screen': [2560, 1440]})

URL Parameters: none

JSON Parameters:

  • url: string - The address of the website to take a screenshot of.
  • screen: [2]int64 - The screen resolution (first argument is width, second argument is height: [width, height]).
  • delay: int - Custom delay before taking a screenshot. By default, the value of the default delay is set.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be configured:

  1. PORT: Sets the port on which the web server listens.
  2. COOLDOWN: Sets the delay before taking another screenshot. This acts as a rate limiter.
  3. WAIT_BEFORE_SCREENSHOT: Specifies the number of seconds Chromium waits after navigating to a website before taking a screenshot. This allows the website to fully load and prevents capturing a blank screen.
  4. CACHE_CLEANUP_INTERVAL: Sets the interval in seconds at which the screenshot cache folder is cleaned up.
  5. PROXY: Specifies the address of the proxy server for Chromium.