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This is a collection of commands that I need again and again and therefore have summarized in a small script.



  • stable is the current stable build
  • develop is the development build in which new features are implemented and tested
  • old-stable is the original/old script


  • Nextcloud
    • Update
    • App Update
    • Maintenance ON
    • Maintenance OFF
    • Readout deleted LDAP User
    • Backup deleted LDAP User
    • Remove deleted LDAP User
    • Remove User
    • Last seen
    • Add missing indices
    • BigInit identifiers
    • Scan
    • CleanUp
    • User report
    • LDAP Search
    • Custom Command
  • Update phpMyAdmin
  • Update MediaWiki
  • Update Collabora (requires docker)
  • Update BookStack (requires git & composer)
  • Update Friendica (requires git & composer)
  • Update FreshRSS (requires git)
  • Update Framadate
  • Backup


  1. Clone the repository
  2. join the repo cd shell-administration-script
  3. Give the "manage" file execute rights chmod +x manage
  4. Run the script ./manage and answer the questions
  5. edit the config created by the script nano config
  6. if you answered yes to the second question you can run the script from anywhere with manage otherwise you have to enter the path and execute the script bash /pathto/shell-administration-script/manage


Updates are downloaded automatically, this can be disabled by setting SELFUPDATE=false in config. After each update the manage must be made executable again if you dont use the symlink chmod +x /pathto/shell-administration-script/manage. If something has been changed in the config, you will be notified when you start the program.

If you did not create a symlink during the initial setup, you can do this by starting the script with the symlink switch manage symlink. To remove the symlink execute the command again.


Require borgbackup To use the function you must first initializes a backup repository. Start the script with the backup switch manage backup


To activate the debug mode use the manage debug button, but the db passwords will be displayed in the console as well.


Create a report here and surprise me with your ideas.

Bug Report

Feel free to create a report here